11 Marzo 2018


Rules for Guest House Civico 54

1. Access to the facility
It is mandatory to notify the Direction of the entry and departure of the persons, for the legal registrations.
Those who are found to be non-regular commit an offense punishable and punished by law.
Visitors are also required to apply for permission to access the facility.
It is also mandatory to communicate the arrival and departure times for the delivery and return of the keys.
2. Behavioral rules in the community
In a collective residence such as Civico 54, the behavior of the single visitor must be based, in relations with the other guests and the staff, on the observance of the fundamental rules of tolerance, respect and collaboration that guarantee the daily domestic partnership.
The host is required to maintain the order and protection of the living environment in the common areas. It is necessary to respect the silence at night hours (22.00 – 08.30) and during the afternoon afternoon (13.00 – 16.00). The use of the TV is only allowed at low volumes.
It is forbidden to:
1) use any part of the common premises for their own use, occupy them with furniture, tools and other objects or, in any case, prevent them from being used by other persons
2) keep animals
3) disturb the other guests
4) to attend the premises commonly used in pajamas, or in any case, with dresses dumped, not in line with the dignity of the guests and the House
5) Keep flammable materials, harmful, radioactive substances in the common areas and inside the rooms
6) disposing of or disposing of garbage or waste outside the containers
7) Throw in the drains of materials that can block the pipes
8) make changes to the premises and furniture
9) Tackle plants: electric, hydraulic, air conditioning, heating, etc ..
10) use stoves, stoves of any kind to prepare foods or beverages, heat generators outside the equipment provided.
11) smoking inside the rooms and common areas
12) Hold arms of any kind or genre
13) Keep and / or use narcotics
14) Turn on fires.
3. Damage, loss, loss / non-delivery of keys
In the event of damage to or damage to the building, furniture, objects, appliances supplied and lost or non-delivery of the keys before departure, the damage incurred is paid by those who procured it.
Payments of this type must be made immediately and in cash.
4. Legal Responsibility
Whoever causes damage to the building, furniture, objects and appliances supplied is legally liable under the applicable laws. Intentional thefts and damages are immediately denounced. The Civico 54 does not take any responsibility for the values (money, jewelery, etc.) stored in guest accommodation or in common areas.
5. Arrivals and Departures
Entrance to the room can not be done before 14.00 and after 20.00 hours unless specifically authorized by the hotel.
Guest House Civico 54 does not offer 24-hour front desk; so in order to arrange the check – in the lords clients are obliged to inform the management in good time about the time they intend to access the facility, if this does not happen all the inconvenience they may have for the client are to quest last attributable.
The room must be left free of things and people by 10.00 am on the day of departure unless specifically authorized by the facility.
The one who leaves after that time will pay another day of stay without having the right to take advantage of the room he is occupying. If the non-observance of the time indicated does not make it impossible for the new guests who have booked the room to access it or the impossibility for the service personnel to carry out the rite cleaning, the consequent economic and image damage to the structure will be completely attributable to those who do not respect this rule.
6. Prices for stays
For room rates please refer to the minimum and maximum rates
listed on the module displayed on the website or at www.civico54.com
7. Cancellation of stays
Cancellation of the stay, made in good time, may lead to the partial or total refund of the cost of the stay, subject to the following conditions: for cancellation notices received within 30 days prior to arrival date: total refund; for cancellation notices made within ten days before the arrival date: 50% refund.
After that period, the structure will retain the entire amount. The cancellation request must be sent by email. (For Booking.com see the rules on the site)
8. Terms of stay
Reservations and cancellations –
To confirm the reservation for a stay at our facility, our clients are invited to pay a penitentiary deposit a figure that will be settled and mailed from time to time by the booking office. (For Booking.com see the rules on the site)
Payments (Advances and Balances) –
An advance payment must be made to the booking form in the manner indicated by the booking office.
The balance of the stay must be paid upon arrival.
Accepted cash payments, cash machines, credit cards.
Reservations and cancellations will be valid once confirmed by the management to the customer.
9. Services
The property offers the following services:
1) Host reception service;
2) supply and change of linen, including bathroom linen, at least once a week and, in any case, with each guest change;
3) room cleaning at each customer change and daily cleaning of the common areas.

10. Security Standards
If you are away from your room, for security reasons, it is strictly forbidden to keep in operation: air conditioning, room lights, TV, fan and any other electrical equipment unless specifically authorized by our facility.
In order to guarantee a quiet stay, the Management is authorized to remove those who do not comply with the rules of the regulations mentioned above.
For any complaints and / or information, contact the management at the following times:
from 8:30 to 13:30 and from 12:30 to 20:00

The loss of the key involves a penalty of 50 euros.